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New Arrival
Italia Leather Straps


Custom Guitar Straps: 40+ Styles Craftsman Made in California

 custom guitar straps

Italia Leather Straps are the perfect combination of quality, craftsmanship and comfort for your guitar or bass. 

Each Italia guitar strap or bass strap is unique and custom made-to-order in California, USA. When you place an order, our team of skilled craftspeople goes to work on your specific strap(s). Our proprietary strap design incorporates layers of fine Italian Leather and a Nappa suede backing for the ultimate in look, feel and durability. High-Tension stitching provides extra strength for those with active playing styles.


Our custom guitar straps are elegantly designed for a lifetime of use. In addition, Italia Straps don’t have any awkward hardware or buckles that can dig into your shoulder or damage your instrument.

Italia Straps will fit any guitar or bass; acoustic or electric.

Strap sizes are as follows

Length: Standard Length (Adjusts 37 - 49 inches) and Long (Adjusts 42 - 54 inches)


Width:  Standard (2.5 inches wide) and Wide (4 inches wide). 

• Standard length and width model straps will be suitable for most solid-body or acoustic guitar applications.

• Tall players (above 6 Feet) will want to consider a Long model strap. Players of heavier instruments, especially basses, should consider a 4-inch wide guitar strap.


 Need a truly unique custom guitar strap or custom bass strap? Custom made guitar straps and bass straps (custom sizes, custom colors) are also available upon customer request. Please E-mail us with inquires, questions or specific custom guitar strap needs.




New Arrival
Italia Leather Straps