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New Arrival
Italia Leather Straps


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  • August 3rd 2016
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  • August 2nd 2016


 Thanks again to Ethan Meixsell for this kind review:


"Italia Leather Straps are the most comfortable straps I have ever used. The leather is really high quality and distributes the weight very evenly across my shoulder which allow me to focus solely on the music" 


Ethan Meixsell -- Kings Park, NY






April 8th 2016

  • We love it when every instrument in the studio has an Italia Strap. Thanks to Russ Miller of East Amherst, NY for this pic!







 March 14th 2016


 Italia Straps is now a proud sponsor of New Zealand's top bass forum: 

Check them out!




 February 23rd 2016


Just a bit of fun with the camera in the workshop today with a Black-Black 2.5" strap...






January 18th 2016



  •  Thanks to longtime Italia Straps endorser and supporter Kevin Russell for this recent live pic with his 2.5" Crema strap. Check him out at








December 2nd 2015


Some new colors we are adding to the catalog for December! (Dark Brown Suede backing)






 November 7th 2015


Thanks to Dale Wheeler of Ruther Glen, VA for this great photo








September 25 2015


Thanks to our endorser Maleny Morfen for this pic with her 2.5" Italia Strap in NYC. Check her out at




  August 24 2015


Nice customer pic showing the difference between Black and Chocolate straps.






July 12 2015


Thanks to bassist and longtime Italia Straps supporter Rob Taylor-Shaw for this great photo.







  • June 2 2015

Thanks to Dan Lawson, our newest endorser for this pic. Check him out at






May 9 2015




Thanks to Dan Papaila for this kind review. Check him out at


 "I just received a new strap from the folks at Italia Straps and was pleased by the high quality materials & craftsmanship. Coupled with the excellent prices & great customer service I’ll be a customer for life!"



May 7  2015


  Thanks to long time customer and supporter James Kuehn for this pic of his guitar wall (with each guitar equipped with an Italia strap)






April 10 2015


   Thanks to our newest endorser JP Cervoni for this great pic with his new Italia Strap.




March 24 2015




We often get the question: "Can I use strap locks?".

Yes. If you want to.








 March 3 2015




Thanks to Dennis Michaels, longtime Italia Straps endorser for this great pic of his bass guitar straps







Jan 26 2015


Many thanks to longtime supporter David Carnell for this great pic of one his five Italia Straps in action. Check him out now at:







Jan 20 2015




We get a lot of customers with neck and shoulder pain because of their heavy guitars and basses. A narrow strap only adds to this discomfort....that's why we offer a  4-inch wide model. Our comfy 4 inch straps do a great job distributing the weight of a heavy instrument during those long gigs and practice sessions. Give one a try and see what you've been missing!




Dec 8 2014



 Have you placed your Holiday order yet? The best deals of the Holiday Season are on now. Add any strap to your shopping card to reveal the secret discount. All orders placed this week are guaranteed for holiday delivery by December 24th.



Nov 8, 2014



In the workshop today. The Holidays are ramping-up already!





Nov 4, 2014




Metal on your strap? We Just Don't Get It



Buckles, buttons, grommets, studs. Metal on a guitar strap? We just don’t get it. A number of other “high end” guitar strap manufacturers use metal in the design of their straps – especially metal buckles for adjustment. We just don’t see why you’d want metal scratching and dinging your favorite guitar or bass. No one needs a metal buckle digging into their back on stage or causing damage to the instrument when its put back in the case. We know how valuable your instruments are and that resale value is important. From the beginning, Italia Straps have used an elegant no-hardware design that’s easy to adjust. Say no to metal…on your strap.





 Oct 20, 2014


 We love customer strap photos like this!





Oct 12, 2014



  • Wow! We love it when a customer makes his own strap rack to proudly display his Italia Straps. Thanks to Daniel Ramon from San Antonio, TX  for the pic.




Aug 13, 2014


Thanks to The Band Sparrow one of our newest endorsers for this pic!


guitar straps blog


Aug 3, 2014


Thanks again to Scott Verville for this kind review:

"In my 25 years of playing professionally, I've never owned a strap this nice.  The craftsmanship, choice of leather, great looks and most of all the comfort of this strap is beyond measure.  Thank you Italia Leather Straps for your attention to detail and pride in your work.  It shows!"
-- Scott Verville; Jacksonville, FL








Jul 28, 2014


Some typical action in the shop today. Guitar straps getting ready to go to their new home.




Jul 26, 2014



Looking for vintage guitar straps that look good but don't have the drawbacks of an old design? buckles that will mar the finish of your favorite guitar or sliders that are hard to adjust! Checkout our selection of vintage guitar straps here.


April 25, 2014

Thanks again to Don Sucher for this kind review and pic:

"The straps I ordered just arrived, What can I say but "Wow! Wow! Wow!" Absolutely gorgeous. So soft, but also so substantial. Thank you Italia Straps!!!"
-- Don Sucher; Peterborough, NH

New Arrival
Italia Leather Straps