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Acoustic Guitar Straps | Making The Right Choice

Acoustic Guitar Straps | Making The Right Choice

Insider Tips For Choosing The Right Acoustic Guitar Strap

Here at Italia Leather Straps we get a lot of customers asking about what acoustic guitar strap they should choose for their guitar. The fact is, choosing an acoustic guitar strap for you and your guitar can be a little more tricky than it seems...especially if you might be new to playing guitar. By looking at a couple simple factors, however, its not too hard to narrow down the seach.

The first factor is weight of the instrument: Since acoustic guitars (and basses) almost always tend to be much lighter than their electric counterparts generally a standard width strap will work fine. In this case we manufacture a 2.5" width.

acoustic guitar strap

The second factor is length: The choice on strap length usually simply comes down to how tall the player is. Again, with acoustic guitar straps, it can be a little different.

Some acoustic guitars, especially older models, physically have very thick bodies. This means from the outset the strap has to span the extra distance around the body. Often this can mean an additional 4-6 inches length is required. Additionally, many acoustic guitars have only one strap "button" or attachment point. On these types of guitars, players traditionally tie the strap to the headstock of the guitar using a "tie on" piece. The tie-on piece can be a simple strip of leather (something we can provide with shipment if requested).

Overall, if your acoustic guitar has a wide body and/or requires attachment to the headstock we suggest choosing a strap that is longer than you would normally choose if you were selecting a strap for an electric guitar. In this case, we manufacture a long version strap that extends to 54 inches.  Measuring your current strap is always a good place to start to establish a baseline.

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