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Process at Italia Leather Straps

Our Strap Process

The Italia Straps Philosophy

Highest Quality Materials + Superb Craftsmanship + Customer Specific Fit = Outstanding Style, Durability and Comfort.

Highest Quality Materials

Italia Straps has exclusive access to the finest leather and suede distributors in Italy. Once used only for items such as fine furniture and clothing, these materials set Italia Straps apart. As a result, Italia Straps wear like a fine garment completely avoiding the discomfort associated with traditional guitar straps and bass straps made from conventional materials.

Superb Craftsmanship

Building each guitar or bass strap individually on a made-to-order basis allows Italia Straps to maintain unsurpassed quality control that further distinguishes our product. Your strap is made to your exact specifications by a tight-knit team of skilled craftspeople. Our strap production process incorporates quality inspections at no less than 10 different points throughout assembly.

Customer Specific Fit

At Italia Straps, we believe the fit of your guitar strap or bass strap is a crucial part of your playing experience. If you don't feel right, you can't play your best. The line of Italia Straps has been designed to accommodate playing styles from traditional classical to low-slung hard rock. Our staff has extensive knowledge of instrument sizes, weights and shapes and can help you choose the best guitar straps or bass straps that are right for you and your instrument.

A Direct-To-Customer Relationship

When you purchase, our team of skilled craftsmen goes to work on your specific order. Unlike large warehouse outlets, you deal directly with the people who make your strap(s). You buy direct from our factory. This allows us to offer the highest quality handmade products possible, shipped directly to your door.