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2.5 Inch Wide Black Leather Guitar Straps

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Choose Strap Length:
Standard Model:  Adjusts 37-49 inches
Long Model: Adjusts 42-54 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 362 reviews
Great Leather Strap

Great leather strap with sturdy and thick leather

Sam Doyon
Awesome straps

Great quality, will last a lifetime!

John McCraner
2.5 Inch Wide Black Leather Guitar Straps

This is probably the tenth strap I've purchased from these guy's really like their straps, I don't buy anywhere else now,,,

John Dobie
Another excellent guitar strap

Another excellent guitar strap.

Tony P.
This is my favorite strap.

I am a long time customer and every strap I have purchased perform perfectly with no issues that normally distract my playing. I am over 56 years playing and have cervical issues likely due in part to the heavy guitars and hardcore playing, but these straps help me 100% in comfort and durability and not one failure. Not even a dropped stich. Every strap I have received I still own and use. Several straps also went to friends when I sold a nice guitar to them while they were playing it and they walked off with a freebie. They even complimented these straps. For certain I am and a continued customer with a smile!