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2.5 Inch Wide Rossa Leather Guitar Straps

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Choose Strap Length:
Standard Model:  Adjusts 37-49 inches
Long Model: Adjusts 42-54 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Crews
Awesome suede-backed straps!

These have recently become my go-to straps. I like that they offer a suede back because I prefer a more grippy feel over a more slippery material. I usually snag a few when they put them on sale - I have 4 already and have my eye on a few more. On my last order, I even made a special request (for slightly longer tails) and they were very accommodating which was super nice of them. The 54" max length on the "long" version is okay for most of my guitars but with my Les Pauls but I prefer straps that are closer to 56" long. These straps are very well made, have great color choices, and they seem like they will last forever. They smell great too! They are fairly thick so trying to install Grover (older Schaller style) strap locks can be a bit tricky - it really helps if you can somehow pre-squish the leather around the holes. My main method is installing a super thin washer with the strap locks first then after a few minutes I'll swap that out with the washer that originally comes with the strap locks. Or, I've even just omitted a washer and just used the hex nut for a few minutes, then added the washer.

Dennis Lindenbaum
New Straps

Purchased two straps - different colors. Extremely well constructed leather products. Coloring looks great on each. New leather smell that adds to the enjoyment of using. Very comfortable across the shoulder. Straps are much thicker than most on the market which adds to the comfort, but can be a challenge to attach on the endpins. No room left to add a rubber lock washer, but seems to be firmly attached once wrestled onto the pin. So much better than any other strap I've tried.

Kaz. S

I bought it as a gift for a friend again.
This leather strap has very good quarity and good looking. I love this brand products.
Giving a red gift for the "Kanreki" (60th birthday) celebration is meant to wish the recipient an uneventful and healthy life.
We will reunion the band and play some music with my friends I hope.
I hope he will use it for a long time to come. It means enjoying music with happy long life.

Kaz. S
For my friend

This time I bought it as a gift for a friend.
In Japan, when a person turns 60 years old, he or she celebrates the "kanreki" (60th birthday). The color "red" is used for the kanreki celebration. Red is said to ward off bad luck and evil spirits, and red was used for maternity clothes in the olden days. Giving a red gift for the kanreki celebration is meant to wish the recipient an uneventful and healthy life.

I searched and searched, but I couldn't find anything more suitable for my guitar-loving friend's kanreki (60th birthday) celebration. I hope he will use it for a long time to come.

Mike Larson
Check the length!

I bought the Standard Model, thinking that it would be a standard length. I hadn't thought about guitar strap length in years--just always bought a normal strap. Whoops! These straps are short! With it at the very longest possible setting, my guitar is still slightly above where I would have it in a seated position.

This is unfortunate. Check your strap lengths before ordering.