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4 Inch Wide Chocolate Leather Guitar Straps

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Standard Model:  Adjusts 37-49 inches
Long Model: Adjusts 42-54 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Larry W
Bass strap

Got the 4” Chocalte strap for my new Fender Jazz bass. Looks and feel s great.

Todd Price
Immediately bought for my new bass

When I got a second bass, the first thing I did was order another Italia strap.

These straps are top quality, fine leather. And the 4" wide really makes a bass feel lighter.

John King
Bass Players urged to order long

The quality of this strap is obvious, however I ordered the standard length, not thinking that even though i'm only 5' 10" I do have broad shoulders and play my bass guitar much lower on my body than a normal guitar. I had to order the longer extension piece. Hopefully, I can come back and up my rating to 5 star. Customer serevice was responsive, which is a good sign.

Jim Smitherman
A gift

I bought this as a gift to a bass playing friend. I have a few Italia guitar straps myself a use them exclusively. My friend totally loved the strap and it even matched his bass color.Great product.

Best strap around

Over more than 30 years of playing, I've used all the major brands of straps. This strap is my favorite because it looks amazing AND is super comfortable. I get the comfort and support of a neoprene strap without the bounce, and the weight bearing support of 4" width, without the bulk of padded leather straps. Highly recommended!!

Excellent Quality

I've been using Italia Leather Straps for a few years now. What remains consistent to me is the attention to quality and detail. Aesthetically, the straps are beautiful without any unnecessary embellishments. Best of all, they make even heavy basses comfortable to play.

Best Leather Strap since I was a kid!

They didn't make them like this any more until now! I've been playing for over 50 years now and my search for a great strap has come to a wonderful conclusion. Italia Straps are very well fashioned and will last a lifetime. This 4" strap is great as a bass strap, helping to distribute the instruments weight and lessen the shoulder fatigue. Looking forward to trying a 2.5" strap for my acoustic guitars.

Great for bass

Very comfortable, works well for P and J basses

Chuck Kirby
Unbeatable straps

It's been a few years, but I've purchased 4 of the long model 4 inch leather straps in chocolate brown and all of the straps are still like new even though I have put them all to heavy use on my guitars. They are without a doubt the best and most comfortable straps I've ever used and I can play for hours with these straps and my shoulder never has a single ache. Italia makes the best leather straps and they are indeed unbeatable.

J Elliott
Four years old, still like new

I've purchased 3 straps, 2 4" and a 2.5". It's been 4 years and all of them are still like new, only softened with use.

Top quality leather and craftsmanship.