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4 Inch Wide Wine Leather Guitar Straps

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Standard Model:  Adjusts 37-49 inches
Long Model: Adjusts 42-54 inches

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Customer Reviews

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John McCraner
4 Inch Wide Wine Leather Guitar Straps

Love these guy's, I have about ten of their straps!!

Perfect strap for my cortobass

The bass is not heavy but this strap makes a3 hours gig a breeze. Only strap I use

Samuel Spaulding

Excellent comfort and very high quality. Matches my Wine color Benedetto perfectly..

Robert Malone
Love These Straps

I absolutely love these straps. I now own 3 of them and this one goes perfectly with my cherry wood Thunderbird. Excellent comfort and extremely well made.


This is my first Italia strap. I've read many positive accolades, so I finally took the plunge and bought a new one even though I did NOT need yet another strap! One of my guitar player friends always rags on me because I have a lot of straps and cables, and they always complement the color of the bass they're used on.

I bought this Wine colored 4" (long version) with a particular bass in mind. I love the strap itself, but it turned out not to be a good color match for any of my basses. So I've never used it.

I'm currently trying to sell it or swap it for either a black or possibly a dark brown Italia 4" strap in the long version. If it sells, I'll snag the same strap in black. So my only disappointment is that the color is not good for my particular arsenal of basses. But the strap itself is great. Soft and looks to be extremely durable.