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2.5 Inch Wide Black Leather Guitar Straps

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Standard Model:  Adjusts 37-49 inches
Long Model: Adjusts 42-54 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent Strap

Since returning to playing electric guitar over 4 years ago, I've been through a few straps looking for what works best for me since I prefer playing while standing. Poly, no. Cloth, better but still no. Leather, yes.

Budget leather straps have served me well, but I wanted to try out a quality leather strap, and ordered from Italia Leather and I'm glad I did.

Thick, soft and comfortable; it's a fantastic strap! I'm glad I bought two; black/black and black/rossa, both 2.5". Now I have two worthy straps for my 2 players!

Thank you Italia Leather,


Great Leather Strap

Great leather strap with sturdy and thick leather

Sam Doyon
Awesome straps

Great quality, will last a lifetime!

John McCraner
2.5 Inch Wide Black Leather Guitar Straps

This is probably the tenth strap I've purchased from these guy's really like their straps, I don't buy anywhere else now,,,

John Dobie
Another excellent guitar strap

Another excellent guitar strap.

Tony P.
This is my favorite strap.

I am a long time customer and every strap I have purchased perform perfectly with no issues that normally distract my playing. I am over 56 years playing and have cervical issues likely due in part to the heavy guitars and hardcore playing, but these straps help me 100% in comfort and durability and not one failure. Not even a dropped stich. Every strap I have received I still own and use. Several straps also went to friends when I sold a nice guitar to them while they were playing it and they walked off with a freebie. They even complimented these straps. For certain I am and a continued customer with a smile!

Tyler A

This is the most comfortable and thickest leather strap I’ve ever had. It definitely feels premium.

Bob N
Beautiful Strap

I love this strap! The Ambers is very close to my Vintage Blonde Tele. Super soft and very comfortable! Highly recommend.

William Waterberry
best straps I have ever used

I play acoustic and electric guitars and have purchased quality straps from Taylor Guitars and Levy Leather products. Both companies produce beautiful products BUT--and this is the critical point--they--all of them--FAIL at holding my guitars in place. I am 5' 11" tall with a medium build and (not bragging) well-defined shoulders. So guitar straps really have to try to slip off my shoulder. To compensate for having spent hundreds of dollars on beautiful straps, I resorted to a plastic adhesive product called "guitar grip." It “sort of” works, but it really trashes the looks of the guitar (not a big deal while playing at home, but---really?)

It was out of desperation that I found I Italia Leather Straps. Based on the reviews I read I ordered a couple of 4" straps. Italia straps delivered a huge --GINORMOUS--difference in comfort and guitar stability. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!! I now have Italia straps on all my quality wall-hanging electrics and am in the process adding Italia straps to my acoustic inventory.

John McCraner
Great feel, great smell, great Strap!!

Thanks guy's!! Super soft and thick cowhide on these straps that are made to order. I love the smell of the leather and feel is real comfortable. I've purchased four so far, I know I'll be ordering more!!