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4 Inch Wide Acorn Leather Guitar Straps

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Choose Strap Length:
Standard Model:  Adjusts 37-49 inches
Long Model: Adjusts 42-54 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Tom Gross
You don't realize how much you are missing - Strap in and get a couple

I am fairly new to Italia Straps. They are the best straps I have ever used. I have spent lots of money on straps over the years because they need to be comfortable for several hours of a relatively heavy instrument, and stay in place (no neck divers). I have four 4" straps now, two long and two standard. They were my instant favorite. I love sharing about the straps on open mic nights and when I'm around other musicians. Before I purchased these, I read feedback about them and they last and last, they stay comfortable and gorgeous and they don't drop the instrument. I look forward to getting some more in more adventurous colors!

John Fischer
Great strap

I bought this for my Precision Bass. The strap is very comfortable and very well made!

Thomas Coney
Total comfort

As I have gotten older it became harder to hold my P bass. This strap makes it easier to play for long periods without feeling the weight of the instrument

Wonderful Strap

The only strap I will use from now on!

Really Nice Leather

The leather used in the construction of this strap is very heavy, but also nice and supple. I was surprised that you could get this kind of quality at such an affordable price!