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4 Inch Wide Sunrise Leather Guitar Straps

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Standard Model:  Adjusts 37-49 inches
Long Model: Adjusts 42-54 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Amazing strap!

This is the best strap I have owned. Thick leather with no bounce at all (the opposite of what a neoprene strap would do). I use it for my bass guitar and the instrument feels really “strapped” to me. Perfect width to distribute the weight. The backing is suede which I love because it makes the strap rather grippy and keeps the instrument from sliding around even if the bass suffers from neck dive. It’s very stiff at first, but you gotta keep using it until it molds to your body. I now have one for each bass. I think they are really made to order as it takes about 10 days to ship but once they do they arrive in a couple of days (I’m in MI). Many colors to choose from. Plus I’m from Italy and it’s nice to have the Italy boot on the strap!😊

Unbelievable Quality

I purchased a 4" strap for additional support for long sets with my acoustic guitar. I was amazed at the quality of the leather and the perfect construction.
I've turned my other band mates onto the brand. Unbelievable value!

Exactly what I needed, great quality, premium feel

I got my 4" strap in sunrise with dark brown back. I was concerned that it would be comfortable because it's not padded. The strap I am replacing is a premium padded leather from one of the most well-known strap makers in America. I can definitely say that the Italia strap is MORE comfortable. The width spreads the weight of my 9 pound bass nicely. The smell of the leather is also great, as soon as I opened the package I was greeted by that fresh leather smell. I found no defects in workmanship. I did not mind the wait time either, knowing that my strap wouldn't be made until my order was placed. Thank you Italia for the awesome product at a fair price.

Peter Wilson
A monster strap!

I use this strap with my Lull 5 string bass. It's a monster bass that needs a monster strap, and this strap fits the bill. I can play standing for hours with no fatigue. The four inch width distributes the weight across my shoulder and the softness of the leather ensures it is very comfortable. Really makes a difference.

I use Jim Dunlop Straploks and they were easy to install on this strap.

Gregory Bruce Campbell

This is by far the highest quality / favorite strap I have ever owned!

It even SMELLS good!

I look forward to eventually adding custom Italia Leather to every instrument I own :)