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4 Inch Wide Blue Leather Guitar Straps

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Choos Strap Length:
Standard Model:  Adjusts 37-49 inches
Long Model: Adjusts 42-54 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Cederstrom
Comfortable and top quality

With old head and neck injuries, the 4" is a real saver. The short/regular works for an electric but is too short for an acoustic. The long works great for my 12 string. Top quality

Dan L.
Great Straps

This was my third strap from Italia, and I am consistently pleased with their quality.

The 4-inch straps are very comfortable, and are great for stopping the "neck dive" on a couple of my Gibsons.

I would recommend only getting the "Long" strap, rather than the regular. The regular is just a tad short. But the long is perfect.

I suspect I'll eventually buy a fourth strap from Italia.

jon sawyer
great quality

love the feel and look of it. it is one of my main straps now. the only problem is getting a strap lock fastener through the holes. they aren't quite big enough and I had to enlarge hole a bit to accommodate the fastener.

Tom Steele
Wow, just Wow!

Just received my first purchase and Wow!
4" wide (my first 4" strap), beautiful workmanship, very comfortable. The product far exceeds the price!
Thank you Italia Straps!

David Eddie Flores
Great straps "AS ALWAYS! ! !"

I have an Italia Strap for every guitar, bass and keytar(I hate that term, LOL) in my Stewardship. Need to add yet another for my Marcus Miller bass and the collection continues to grow. Thanks again, ITALIA ! ! !

Charles Metcalf
Will last Forever!

Quality product, well stitched with bright color. Pleased with my purchase.

Ken Bass
Beautiful slice o’strap.

Solid and very comfortable, I’m not sure how these straps could be built any better. This has the look and feel of something that will far outlast me, I own a few other 4” Italias and this won’t be my last one. The color is considerably darker blue than it looks in the picture, if bright blue is what you seek this one may not be your best choice.

Rik Cederstrom
Very nice

I couldn't find a wide, blue high quality strap anywhere. The shipping time on this was a bit slow. I guess they make them when you put in the order. Once shipped, it arrived quickly. Quality is as good as could be asked for. The color, coincidentally, is a perfect match to my Malta Blue Stranberg

Jason Hebert
Beautiful strap

Once I bought the first one I’ve been hooked. I have one of these for every instrument I have. I love supporting USA made products. Ordering a new one today for a guitar I just picked up. Great value too for what you get. Some of the overseas, mass produced straps cost this much or more.

jeff Baker
Incredible quality, esp for the price

Very nice pieces and well made. I ordered 2 more after my first two arrived. That's how much of a deal I thought these were. I've got JOdi Head, Levi, many others, but these are some of the best!